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Hair Repair On a Budget

If you didn’t already know, I was in Southeast Asia (SEA) for a few weeks this June/July. It was amazing. Track flights now; you should go! (More on that later, we’re talking hair right now!) I had a buildup of buildup (ha) and “hairmergencies” while I was abroad and needed some TLC, STAT. I had to think fast and rely on a very resourceful friend in order to feel like a functioning curly girl yet again.

I have naturally wavy/curly hair, which I have been trying to understand and build a healthy relationship with since last September, when I first started following the “curly girl” method. My biggest takeaway (ok, second biggest takeaway) is that the curly girl method can be CRAZY EXPENSIVE! (My first takeaway is that you need to eliminate parabens, sulfates, and silicons from your hair products, like yesterday. Read those ingredients carefully.) You want some tips for curly girls on a budget? Stay tuned!

Because of those 2 details, I had to be very strategic packing for SEA. I only took a carry-on bag and a backpack – which means 3 oz/100mL liquids – but I didn’t want to resort to using hotel shampoo that is either a) full of harmful substances for these curls, or b) has a foreign ingredient list (although even in English, I don’t understand half the ingredients in labels!). Therefore, I took three 3oz bottles: shampoo, conditioner, and gel, and one 1oz container of DevaCurl’s B-leave in, as well as an old T-shirt to dry my hair. That should be enough for ~3 weeks on the equator, right?

WRONG. Biggest regret – my lifesaving hair potion of B’Leave In was all gone after just 1 wash – seriously, my thick hair left that container bone dry. I don’t LOVE hair gel, and it wasn’t doing me any favors in the humidity (despite its sole purpose). Imagine mixing a few days of sweat with volcanic ash & dust from hiking to the top of a volcano. I then dunked my head in the volcano’s natural hot spring, let my hair air dry, then rode into the sunset on the back of a motorcycle (dreamy story, I digress).

hair flip.gif
Thick & heavy hair flips require support & a good deep conditioning.

If what you’re imagining now is a grimy dreadlock situation, my imagery is working. As you may know, the water in Indonesia is very different than New York – the water isn’t filtered and it’s very hard. My hair, post-wash, was just as residual feeling as before and smelled a lil funky. (See: post’s featured image for 2 days of beach hair that may look good, but feel disgusting.) What’s a girl to do?!

I have TWO solutions to share with you all: 1 that helped while in Asia, the other for when I returned to NYC.

  1. JOJOBA OIL: After Indonesia, we were off to Thailand, where I was meeting my solution-to-everything friend from Singapore, Judith. I asked her if she had any oils she could bring me so I can make myself a little hair mask, and from a long list of options, she realized she had Jojoba Oil. She packed that for me in a little bottle (and on her own, thought to bring me one of those clear hotel shower caps). She is a life saver. (Love you, Judith!)jojoba-oil-bottle.jpgThe next morning, I woke up 2 hours early and started making my DIY hair mask. I scrubbed a lot of the oil into my scalp (for MINUTES, and yes my hands got tired!), and used a less liberal amount throughout the length of my hair. I prayer-hand-motioned the oil down the hair, and then worked it between pieces to get out all the knots. Then I aggressively stuffed my hair into the plastic shower cap, laid a towel on my pillow, and went back to sleep. Two hours later, I took a very hot shower and washed out the oil with ~2.5 applications of shampoo. I skipped conditioner and product, just scrunched my hair with a t-shirt. I then let my hair air dry.

    Benefits: softened my hair, got rid of the residue, & eliminated the weird scent – even in Bangkok’s pollution and humidity!

    Approximate Cost: Full-size bottle was equiv. 6USD in Bangkok, so I definitely regret not buying this there! I would say it’s definitely a little more expensive for a non-travel size bottle here, but not by much. Don’t get something specifically branded for hair/beauty because it’ll probably be upcharged for the extra ~bennies.~

  2. NOVEX MYSTIC BLACK HAIR MASK: Was I exhausted after a day-long flight home from Singapore? Absolutely yes. Did that stop me from doing a hair mask the second I got home at 12:30am? Nope! Once I got home, I jumped in the shower and shampooed my hair. I then put in the Novex Mystic Black Hair Mask throughout my hair (avoiding my scalp), running my fingers through the knots. I then tied my hair into a very loose bun and continued with my shower. 5-7 minutes later, I rinsed it out and put in the Novex Mystic Black Leave-In Conditioner, which I put in before applying my fave after-product, B’Leave In. I then let my hair air-dry overnight, while sleeping with my hair wrapped in my mom’s old satin nightgown that she gave me (LOL it works, ok!? No judgement!).
    Benefits: Made with all-natural ingredients, vitamins, and oils, and none of the harsh chemicals I mentioned earlier. My hair is softer, less knotted, and more defined when I use these two Novex products.

    Approximate Cost: $10 for hair mask, $19 for leave-in. Compared to all the other curly/natural hair product lines I’ve found, this is the most bang for your buck, without breaking the bank. (Alliteration for the win.)

A couple things to note: You may be wondering where the before/after pics are, right? As I mentioned, I was sweating ALL THE TIME and tied my hair up constantly. I am kicking myself for not taking any awful photos (NOT) but am pretty bummed I was TOO BUSY HAVING A BLAST to take pictures of my jojoba-saved curls! So sorry, friends. I guess you’ll have to believe me… or try this yourself!

Coconuts & big buns are the only way to cool off!

As I self-promised… I am going to do a curly hair on a budget blog post soon, where I will dive into uncharted waters (missing the island life, I had to!) and lay out all my best tips for you. Even if you’re not curly (or self-identified curly – maybe you straighten your hair), I promise these tips will be helpful for anyone trying to have a healthy head of hair AND a healthy bank account. Stay tuned, follow @howtobebrokeinnewyork on Instagram, and share with a friend! Tried any tips? Have any suggestions or stories? I’d love to hear! Xo.


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How to Be Broke On Your Birthday!

Happy birthday to YOU! I may be a little late or perhaps a little early, but your birthday is always coming up!

I have good news: I’m not the only one who thinks you deserve celebrating. A bunch of businesses around the city will give you a gift for your birthday – some physical, some experiences, some awesome discounts, all wonderful.

Pro-tip: I am on the listserv for a ton of places, so they know to reach out to me on my birthday. If you’re not yet on the lists for these places, they won’t know to reach out to you. Go give them business now and you’ll be rewarded later, in many ways!


    • Rent the Runway
      • You will receive an email with a $30 off promo code for your birthday if you are a member of RentTheRunwayPRO (for the price of one dress’s shipping and insurance, you can get free shipping and insurance on every rental AND a free birthday outfit for your birthday week. #WORTH. Here is my link to join and get $30 off!). This code does not expire. Lissette and I are both modeling RTR finds – my jumpsuit, her pants (barefoot aesthetic by yours truly).rtr.jpg
    • Mndfl Meditation
      • Call to get in a class (212-477-0487) & show your ID when you get there. Wear clothes you’re comfortable sitting in (ie: don’t wear a short dress, etc., but workout clothes not necessary.) You’ll leave your shoes and personal items (including cell phone!) in the lobby during class. Help yourself to cold water or a great tea selection before class. Read more about my experience below.

View this post on Instagram

Coming back to work after any break is a challenge. Even when I was in school I found returning to the grind to be a LOT. After my #MDW mini vaca with friends, I squeezed in my first @mndflmeditation class Tuesday AM before work. I love vacations, but I don't necessarily come back feeling "relaxed + refreshed." This is the first time I did, though, and I think I found a new post-holiday ritual. 🙌 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I woke up Tuesday super sleepy and stressed from a delayed train that almost made me miss class 🙃 but once I arrived, I was surprised to be able to shed it all. This was my first group guided meditation experience (outside of shavasana in yoga classes). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🔅 HIGHLIGHT: my instructor, Ashley, sat down with me & debriefed the experience after class for at least 15 minutes. Between this and the shockingly sound-proof walls found in 0 other places in NYC (lol), I really felt like this experience left an impact on me for the rest of my day. This is definitely a PRACTICE, as it was really challenging for me during class, but it should get more normal with consistency. I am happy to answer more questions about my first experience for those considering! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🧐 WHY ON @howtobebrokeinnewyork: this class was free for my birthday! 🎂 You also can find this on @classpass for a really low credit count (and as you know, I have a free 2-wk trial to share!) or you can get your first class for $10. Finally, as NYers we are constantly moving and over-stimulated. Take a break – you deserve it! 😌

A post shared by Julianne: NYC's Budget Blogger (@howtobebrokeinnewyork) on

    • Receive email on your birthday for a free class, which expires one week from then. The ride is valid for walk-in only. They say to call before to check the availability. They check ID for proof. Spin shoes complimentary.
    • Receive email on your birthday for a complimentary class, as well as class package discounts. You have one week to use this offer. Call to book  (646) 756-5114 – and know 6:30 and 7:30pm classes are excluded from this offer. Towels included but shoes are not.

    • Chopt, Zaro’s Family Bakery, and Gregory’s coffee.
      • They’ll send you $5 in their app – and, #ProTip, all of them share the same app. Just download one and you can pay using the same app at each place. It’s the same app for CAVA and Dig Inn as well. I pay using my CAVA app!
      • Sends you an email day of your birthday for a complimentary walk-in class, which expires in 30 days. Show the email to the front desk when you come, and bring socks – shoes are complimentary. I’d recommend calling the studio to check how busy a class is before walking in – just in case!
      • I received a free birthday class email 5 days before my birthday and it lasts a month. Show email in studio to get in. Remember: towel and mat cost $2 extra each, so just bring your own! No shoes required.
    • BARRE3
      • If you have an account, you have within your birthday month to use complimentary class. If you have a class package with the studio already, you can gift your free class to a friend! Just have to bring email to front desk (or reply to the email). Receive email within couple of weeks of the birthday. Bring your own water bottle, as there’s no plastic here – gotta love a GREEN studio!! Grip socks or barefoot fine, and they have hand towels there. Get ready for a super sweaty barre class with a beautiful view of our favorite city!barre3.jpg
    • Fresh
      • If you aren’t yet obsessed with their rose petal face mask or their soy cleanser, go check these out right now! I am on the email list for Fresh, and the month of my birthday, I received an email to stop by their store for a free gift. I went 3 weeks after my birthday and they gave me THIS! How cute?! I received a sugar face scrub and another soy facial cleanser.fresh.jpg
    • Sephora and Ulta
      • Wups, sorry for grouping you two together! Join their rewards/insider program for each store. They both give you amazing beauty gifts for your birthday! I haven’t been to Ulta for my birthday yet this year, but I just went to Sephora with multiple options for my gift. I went with the lip kit – a lipstick, a lip tint, and multiple lip scrubs. The colors are beautiful! I’ll let you know if I get to Ulta this year, but last year, they gave me an amazing eyeshadow palette. These two places are pretty flexible about when you come in, but don’t wait more than 6 months, k?


I hope this post encourages you to support some of the great businesses in our city! Join their mailing lists, go to classes, check out their sales, and get pampered on your birthday. You deserve it!

I ask that if you go to any of these places, please let them know how you found out about their birthday special – just mention my name or @howtobebrokeinnewyork!

Am I missing your favorite store or studio, or have you had any fun birthday experiences at any of these places? Let me know in the comments below!



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A comprehensive list of free waterfront workouts in New York

If you can get to the west side of Manhattan after work, you are golden – there’s something about the Hudson River that makes everyone want to get healthier! And if you’re like me and absolutely love Williamsburg, I have a great option for you too!

I have an option for you nearly every day of the week, and I will update as I find more for you.

sweat session
14th Street Park overlooks the water and is full of people that love watching us dance in public.

The Sweat Sessions

The Meatpacking District’s Sweat Sessions offers 3 classes Tuesday evenings, each class offered by a different local fitness studio. You need to RSVP for those in advance, and they fill up quickly. When you arrive, there will be a line to check in- which consists of you turning in your printed ticket to the event, so set a reminder now to make sure you print out your ticket! – and to sign a waiver. After the class, there is some free recovery food offered.

When I went to the 7pm ((305)) Fitness class (read more about that here), we were given drinkable strawberry yogurt after class. I’ve seen every kind of fitness offered for this – pilates, yoga, HIIT, Zumba, you want it, they offer it! I have signed up for classes based on my ability to arrive in time from work, but if you finish at 5pm, I encourage you to try all the classes you can! The last chance you have to participate is on August 29th, with either yoga, dance cardio, or HIIT. The HIIT class is with Fhitting Room, who I’ve taken a free class before and LOVED, but the RSVP for that is currently closed. If it reopens, you have to jump on it! Sign up for one of the three classes now!

ClassPass’s “Lean with Christine” Community Bootcamp

Christine’s boot camps are the most perfect way to kick start the last day of the weekend. These outdoor tush-kickers take place at Pier 46 along Hudson River Park at 11 am on Sundays. The workout was intense, and the view ain’t half bad either. (See the group photo at the top? So many happy exhausted faces, thanks to Christine!)

Not a bad view for a Sunday morning boot camp, yea?

You are supposed to sign up through ClassPass, but I just DM’ed Christine on Instagram and she told me to just show up with a mat, water, towel, and sunscreen. I would also suggest sunglasses and a hat to prevent the discomfort of having the sun in your eyes during core work. There are bathrooms and a water fountain right at the pier, which is super important and convenient for a hot outdoor workout.

The class was broken down into four sections: the warm-up, core work on the mat, interval training stations, and stretching/cool down. The class felt very personal, with Christine’s fiance participating and taking photos, her friends cheering her on, and her mini Bluetooth speaker pumping the jams as loud as it could. Christine and her supportive fiance are getting married quite soon (congrats, you two!) so her fabulous weekly workouts will be on a brief hiatus soon, but don’t worry – I will let you all know when they resume, and we will go together! The next one will be on Sunday, September 3rd. Make sure you are there!

If you’re feeling like taking a chance…

To take these ClassPass Community Bootcamp classes, you are supposed to sign up using your ClassPass account, technically… but I don’t have ClassPass. I just found out there are more free ClassPass Community Bootcamp classes for us to explore! In the same spot as Christine’s, you can find Michael Ringer’s HIIT classes Thursdays at 7 pm and Saturdays at noon.

Flexing with the woman, the myth, the legend herself – Christine! Kudos to her for these guns!

Thanks, lululemon!

From here on out, all classes/events are offered by lululemon, who is KILLIN’ IT as a company, offering all the free fitness my heart desires. Thanks to all the money saved for fitness classes I feel like maybe I can almost afford some clearance leggings!

Healthy on the Hudson

HOTH has a partnership with lululemon for classes in Hudson River Park on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until the end of September. They are giving me so much hope because everyone else is making me feel like Labor Day is the end of all the fun! Tuesday nights are offered at Pier 46, which is by Charles Street west of the Village. This is the same location as Christine’s Sunday boot camp classes! Similar to the Sweat Sessions, Healthy on the Hudson’s Tuesday night classes feature a different fitness studio for each class. Wednesday nights are off Moore Street in Tribeca, at Pier 25. All of the upcoming Wednesday night classes are taught by an instructor from Mile High Run Club. For either night, you have to sign up in advance (both nights share the same Mind Body sign-up). All of the classes are from 6:30-7:30pm.

How Do You View?

WV roof
This is the amazing space. Get over here. NOW.

The new lululemon Williamsburg has partnered with the jaw-dropping William Vale Hotel to bring us lucky folks rooftop workouts, overlooking the East River and all of Manhattan and Queens. The view does not compare. It is incredibly gorgeous. The roof has “grass” which I think is really AstroTurf, but it feels too real. Lululemon partners with a different Williamsburg fitness studio each week to bring a 1-hour 10am workout on Saturday mornings. You are supposed to sign up in advance on their weekly Eventbrite page, although I’ve only been checked in once. I’ve found that the Eventbrite page has “sold out” before, but not everyone shows up. If you run into this issue, just contact the event organizer via Eventbrite and request to be added to the list.


WV rooof
My first class with Laughing Lotus Yoga

They provide the mats, towels, a water jug, and sometimes, post-workout fuel from a local business in the neighborhood. I love these classes so much. They are so relaxing with this most amazing view and the classes have all been spectacular. My favorite so far was a pilates class, although I have also had great yoga and HIIT classes too. The William Vale Hotel is located near McCarren Park, and yes there are Citibike docks a block away. When you enter the hotel, go through the lobby to the elevator and ask to be taken up to the Westlight roof. When you get there, go back towards the bar, go outside, and take the stairs up one flight to the roof.



The Sweat Sessions

Hudson River Park’s 14th Street Park (10th Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets)

ClassPass Community Bootcamps

Pier 46, 412 West St, New York, NY, 10014

Healthy on the Hudson: Tuesdays

Pier 46, 412 West St, New York, NY, 10014

Healthy on the Hudson: Wednesdays

Pier 25, West St & N Moore St, New York, NY 10013

How Do You View?

Westlight @ The William Vale Hotel, 111 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249




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REVIEW: My free ((305)) Fitness Experiences

As you all saw in my July post, 305 Fitness offered free mock classes with new instructors. I took a class with a new instructor named Ivy – a fellow Floridian!—and I had the most amazing time. Although 305 Fitness is all about dancing, they pride themselves on offering classes that don’t require a dance background, just a desire to have fun. However, I danced for most of my life, so I was ecstatic to be in this class!

For some reason, my class only had two other students in it. At first, I was a little worried, but it ended up being great because there was more space to move and a more intimate one-on-one fitness experience. The class that came in after mine was PACKED, so this seemed like quite the rarity! The room is designed with Miami club vibes, with a mural of a 305 hand sign, and there is a live DJ who also controls the lights. Just like a Miami club, but way cleaner.

Happy post-workout hot mess – with the fantastic instructor, Ivy!

Our instructor was so fun – I strongly recommend a class with her! Her choreography was exhilarating, interesting, yet easy to follow. Although there is a lot of dance, the class starts off with more calisthenic-based movements, like jump squats, high knees, and jumping jacks. There was a break in the middle of class for strengthening with weights, which for us was booty and legs, but the muscle group changes with each class. After that, there was a more intense hip hop choreo section to end the class before cool down. I don’t usually take cardio classes because I get a lot of cardio from my frequent bike rides, so I really enjoyed the change of pace. I couldn’t stop smiling during class I was having such a great time! I may actually purchase a small membership here in the future, as the sales associate at the front desk said they are currently offering a new member special: 10 day unlimited for the price of a single class!

I also attended a second non-traditional and free 305 Fitness class earlier this week, as a part of the Meatpacking District’s Sweat Sessions. If you have not yet heard of Sweat Sessions, I am sorry to have let you down – but there’s one week left for you to go! Every Tuesday, Sweat Sessions features a different fitness studio for an hour long class for each hour: 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm. I went to Tuesday’s 7pm 305 Fitness class. All of the workout classes are outside at Hudson River Park’s 14th Street Park. I guess our music was so fun for those not participating in the class, as little kids in the park stood near the instructors and freestyled and breakdanced! It was the cutest thing!

I love bringing friends with me to experience fun free fitness in New York!

This class was the opposite of my in-studio experience: the entire lawn was PACKED with fellow fitness enthusiasts! There were five 305 Fitness instructors there, but even still, there were so many people, I kept losing the instructors! (This definitely did not get in the way of having fun or dancing my booty off, don’t you worry!) Although Tuesday was incredibly hot, the weather was perfect during sunset for my workout class by the water.


I have included a separate post about Sweat Sessions to make sure all my followers make it out to the final week! Don’t miss out – summer is the best time for free outdoor workouts!



((305)) Fitness Studios:

THE VILLAGE: 18 W. 8th St, NY, NY 10011

MIDTOWN EAST: 33 E. 33rd St, NY, NY 10016

The Sweat Sessions:

14th Street Park – Meatpacking District, NY, NY 10011, between 10th and 11th Avenues


Free workout TONIGHT in SoHo!

Happy August! Not sure how time has flown by so quickly, and I have SO MUCH to share with you all! I am so sorry for not posting in what feels like an eternity, but stay tuned as there is much to learn, my friends!

My favorite and most consistent free workout, as mentioned in a June post, is the weekly free classes at lululemon SoHo. Each month, they feature a different New York fitness studio and bring in one of their ambassadors from the studio to teach an in-store class. You walk into the store, sign a waiver, and watch as all the to-die-for leggings and sports bra racks get pushed to the side, clearing the floor for an intense workout. Bring a bottle of water, which can be refilled near the cash register. As if a free amazing workout isn’t enough, lululemon also provides some sort of snack or drink as a post-workout snack. Last time I was there, a beauty store across the street came by with samples for us!


Camille Ford, guest instructor at tonight’s lululemon Workout Wednesday

Tonight at 8pm, Camille Ford of SASS Method will leading a full-body workout class that “combines intensive low impact cardio, strength training, and meditation for sustainable fitness and real results.” I am so bummed I cannot make it tonight, as her fitness class sounds incredible! If you go, please let me know, and please let lululemon SoHo know that their biggest fan Julianne sent you!


RSVP not required, but suggested.


lululemon athletica SoHo Broadway
481 Broadway

August 23, 2017 @ 8pm

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Dance your booty off *FOR FREE* with ((305)) Fitness

I am so excited to try out the closest thing to Florida in NYC – ((305)) Fitness! This Miami-themed studio has a reputation for being an absolute blast. They use dance cardio, interval training, and isolated toning – sounds like my heaven. However, if 5-6-7-8 means nothing to you, their website says it’s great for dancers and non-dancers alike, as the teachers break everything down step-by-step. And, in true Miami fashion, there is even a live DJ to bring the party!

Maybe if I close my eyes, I can pretend I’m actually back here on Miami Beach!

Well, I have some terrific news for you! The studios, located in the Village and Midtown East, are offering free classes with brand new teachers over the next few weekends. All you have to do is sign up and they will contact you by next Tuesday, July 25th to let you know your class time. This is a #steal since classes are usually $32! Who’s coming with me?!


((305)) Fitness Locations:

THE VILLAGE: 18 W. 8th St, NY, NY 10011

MIDTOWN EAST: 33 E. 33rd St, NY, NY 10016


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Train like an athlete for free!

It feels like I’ve tried a million different workouts since moving to New York, but one sticks in my mind the most: F45 Training. Imagine a playground for adults (but kids at heart) that makes you stronger. That’s what you get here. This is an Australian studio that just opened in Flatiron/Chelsea that is a 45-minute workout of functional training, meaning that you strengthen your body for everyday tasks.

  1. Philosophy. Fitness is important not because it’s “bikini season” or because you want a hot butt. Yes, working out consistently and properly will make you toned and lean, but the way we look is really based on what we eat. Fitness is important for our hearts, our joints, and our bone density, for example. I don’t want to use a walker when I’m older, and my scoliosis gets in the way of my youth. Something that I love about F45 is the “functional” part. They don’t tell you to squat for looking hot; you squat because it is a full-body strengthening exercise. YES. F45, you are the best.
  2. Best trainers in the world. The two trainers I worked with the most, Gareth and Dina, are not only extremely knowledgeable and helpful, but WOW are they supportive! I went to their classes before work every day, and their uplifting and motivating personalities made my mornings. They would cheer me on, they would correct and improve my form, and they would stand by me to make sure not only I understood the correction but that I implemented it. The classes are small training sessions, so it feels like you’re getting nearly individualized attention even in a group class.
  3. Switching it up daily. Each day is themed differently than the next. For instance, on Sundays, they only have “Brooklyn” classes, which are focused on boxing. Each day’s classes have a different name and a different focus for the 45 minutes of exercises. Not only that, but the day’s workout has many different components. You cannot get bored, and the only way to get through the 45 minutes is by having fun (seriously). You only have to do this one hard exercise a few times and then that’s it, you’re done!…until you begin the next hard exercise!
  4. FYI. I did their two-week trial after they opened in May, and I am STILL thinking about it every single day. Let me warn you before your heart breaks like mine: it’s $400+ a month for unlimited membership. That is the ONLY reason I stopped going because if rent and food weren’t essential to living (water is free in New York), I’d just give them all my money. But that doesn’t work for those of us broke in New York!

They also have a great shower/locker room, fully stocked with everything you need. This is an excellent small business and I could sing their praises all day, every day. 

Email and let them know Julianne S. from “How to Be Broke in New York” sent you for your free trial. Good luck not getting too addicted!

F45 Training: 123 W. 20th St., 1E, New York, NY 10011


UWS Free Trial: CorePower Yoga

What is your favorite kind of exercise? I love bootcamp/HIIT classes, but most of all, I love diversity in my fitness! That’s why finding great free fitness opportunities has been so much fun for me – I have learned so much and am so excited to share the new wisdom!


My favorite free yoga ever: with my friends and students in Kigali, Rwanda summer 2015!


When I am given the amazing gift of a free trial at a fitness studio, I take full advantage. CorePower Yoga, a west coast-based studio, recently opened on the Upper West Side, and I barely missed a day during my two-week trial. It is seriously THAT good – and after talking to other students after class, the addiction is rampant!

  1. Their classes actually focus on the important stuff. As their name would suggest, CPY is very focused on the core, and as someone who uses fitness to thrive with scoliosis, I so appreciated this ongoing component in every single class (yes, there was an entire ab section in their hot yoga class!). Even during the quick portions of their classes, the instructors check and ensure students are always in proper form and alignment.
  2. CPY’s classes are varied enough, even if yoga isn’t your “thing.” f you’re reading this and thinking, “but I’m not a ‘yogi'” or perhaps even you don’t do/like yoga, that is totally fine. I actually only went to one true yoga class this entire time (Hot Power Fusion, and it was awesome). All the other days, I took Yoga Sculpt. If you are trying to get longer, leaner, and stronger, this is for you. It starts with some basic yoga flow then adds hand weights, and then comes a full body low-weight/high-rep workout. You will be so grateful for shirvasana (the “am I dead or alive?” section at the end). This is in a heated studio, and you will feel so great sweating out every lil’ toxin in you. Bring a mat-sized towel and a big cold water with you. Shirts are overrated, leave it off for this (something I’ve never done before).
  3. Their employees are eager to help. The in-person staff and the employees manning the phones at their HQ in Colorado were accommodating and kind, and my teachers offered constructive feedback during and after class.

I am so excited to share this opportunity with you all, and am EVEN MORE excited that CPY is going to open late summer/early fall in my lovely home of Williamsburg! *More details to come later – look out for a blog post in the future!*

If you want to try it out at their Upper West Side location, they are now offering post-opening free week trials, which you can sign up for HERE or by calling (917) 636-4440. IMPORTANT: You will have to put down your credit card information. If you are not wanting to become a member (perhaps at a discounted rate), make sure you call and CANCEL your membership before the last day of your trial.

CorePower Yoga Address: 2030 Broadway #202, New York, NY 10023



Free yoga + rooftop + #views? Yes please!

I hope you had a great July 4th! In true American fashion, you probably over-ate, right? (No judgement here!) The #FoodComa is real.

And in true New Yorker fashion, I am bringing you opportunities to enjoy summer in the city the best way — on a rooftop, of course!

For those that work or live in the Upper West Side, Lululemon and CorePower Yoga are bringing you THREE free workout events this month!

WHAT: Free yoga

WHERE: Rooftop of the Empire Hotel (44 W 63rd Street)

DATES: July 5th, 12th, and 19th

TIME: 5:30-6:30pm

Space is limited so RSVP to & let ’em know I sent you.

Enjoy! If you go and have a great time, please let me know!




Free weekly workouts with Lululemon

I just returned from Montréal, and in preparation for my trip there, I researched their local Lululemons. Why? Well, if you think Lululemon is only a high-end athletic brand, think again! 

Lululemons all across the world offer free fitness classes for the local community. Lulu in Montréal hosted a sub-festival within a festival (honestly the entire city was one big festival!) of a variety of fitness classes in Le Parc de Portugal. #ProTravelTip! 

I clearly got lucky to be in Montréal at the right time to participate in their fitness festival! Otherwise, I would have just attended one of the store’s weekly fitness classes. 

A great majority of lulus in New York are either run clubs or yoga meet-ups – which is great considering running through Central Park is AMAZING – but I’m more of a HIIT (high intensity interval training)/bootcamp kinda gal! Because of that, I am loyal to the Lululemon SoHo store because of their incredible “Workout Wednesdays.” Nearly every Wednesday they close down the store for shopping, clear the merchandise, and transform the store into a fitness studio! 

Each month, lulu SoHo showcases a different local boutique fitness studio and brings in one of their instructors to lead an intense and fun workout class. The ones I’ve tried so far have been with SoulCycle, ICE CrossFit, and Box+Flow. To make this even sweeter, Lululemon has even paid for its fit friends to take classes at these studios (yes, free SoulCycle DID happen!). The classes are at 8pm and there are usually snacks and drinks after too! I am excited for the new Lululemon to open in my home neighborhood of Williamsburg this summer, but joining the lulu SoHo community has been incredible. Let’s hope Williamsburg decides to do a different night of the week, right? 😅

Lululemon New York is offering free outdoor workout classes each Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the summer! You have to RSVP in advance for each session. Here you can find out more info and sign up! 

The weather will determine which Lulu class I’ll be taking Wednesdays. My two amazing gal pals gave me a great birthday gift – my first pair of Lululemon leggings, which I can’t wait to wear to my next #WorkoutWednesday! Let me know if you want to workout with me & lulu!