Finding your neighborhood bar in New York

Living in New York generally means sacrificing large living spaces – so where can you unwind with friends? Your neighborhood bar becomes your living room. Every good New York sitcom friend group has their neighborhood bar, and so do I. And so will you!

  • How I find great bars: Google Maps has become my handy companion while walking through my neighborhood. If I pass a cool bar, I open Google Maps, click on the bar/restaurant, click “SAVE,” then add it to the “Want to Go” list. I have an extensive bucket list, organized in map form, of all the bars and restaurants I want to try in Williamsburg. Not sure I’ll ever finish, especially since I am a routine kinda gal (and have the entire rest of the city to share my time with!), but here’s to trying!
  • Don’t break the bank. If you’re going to relax after work in your “living room,” you can’t spend all your money there – after all, you still need to pay rent on your actual apartment. It will always be cheaper to drink at home, but you can unwind in this city without frantically checking your bank account later.
  • Find a bar with good selling points. Happy Hour? Free snacks? Daily deals? These are 🔑. It’s New York, after all. Don’t settle!
  • Don’t consistently splurge or it won’t be fun anymore. No, that cool speakeasy with $13 cocktails is not your home base. That is not sustainable. Make it a special occasion place. In fact, #protip, find a cool local speakeasy that you can bring your parents to when they visit. It’ll make you look like a put-together grown-up to your parents, and, since these bars tend to be dark, no one will judge you for bringing parents to their bar.
  • Tip your bartenders. If you found a spot and want to make it “yours,” get to know your bartenders. Tip them well and often. Seriously, tip 👏 well 👏. That means you tip on each drink – even the free ones. Be a good, courteous customer that they want to serve and enjoy serving. Having a good relationship with your bartender is the best – speaking of, Charlie at Duck Duck is the best. Treat Charlie like a queen.

Ready to make 6:30 on a Tuesday fun? Check out my post about the two best bars in my neighborhood to get you started. Let me know how it goes! Cheers!


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