Free weekly workouts with Lululemon

I just returned from Montréal, and in preparation for my trip there, I researched their local Lululemons. Why? Well, if you think Lululemon is only a high-end athletic brand, think again! 

Lululemons all across the world offer free fitness classes for the local community. Lulu in Montréal hosted a sub-festival within a festival (honestly the entire city was one big festival!) of a variety of fitness classes in Le Parc de Portugal. #ProTravelTip! 

I clearly got lucky to be in Montréal at the right time to participate in their fitness festival! Otherwise, I would have just attended one of the store’s weekly fitness classes. 

A great majority of lulus in New York are either run clubs or yoga meet-ups – which is great considering running through Central Park is AMAZING – but I’m more of a HIIT (high intensity interval training)/bootcamp kinda gal! Because of that, I am loyal to the Lululemon SoHo store because of their incredible “Workout Wednesdays.” Nearly every Wednesday they close down the store for shopping, clear the merchandise, and transform the store into a fitness studio! 

Each month, lulu SoHo showcases a different local boutique fitness studio and brings in one of their instructors to lead an intense and fun workout class. The ones I’ve tried so far have been with SoulCycle, ICE CrossFit, and Box+Flow. To make this even sweeter, Lululemon has even paid for its fit friends to take classes at these studios (yes, free SoulCycle DID happen!). The classes are at 8pm and there are usually snacks and drinks after too! I am excited for the new Lululemon to open in my home neighborhood of Williamsburg this summer, but joining the lulu SoHo community has been incredible. Let’s hope Williamsburg decides to do a different night of the week, right? 😅

Lululemon New York is offering free outdoor workout classes each Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the summer! You have to RSVP in advance for each session. Here you can find out more info and sign up! 

The weather will determine which Lulu class I’ll be taking Wednesdays. My two amazing gal pals gave me a great birthday gift – my first pair of Lululemon leggings, which I can’t wait to wear to my next #WorkoutWednesday! Let me know if you want to workout with me & lulu!


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