UWS Free Trial: CorePower Yoga

What is your favorite kind of exercise? I love bootcamp/HIIT classes, but most of all, I love diversity in my fitness! That’s why finding great free fitness opportunities has been so much fun for me – I have learned so much and am so excited to share the new wisdom!


My favorite free yoga ever: with my friends and students in Kigali, Rwanda summer 2015!


When I am given the amazing gift of a free trial at a fitness studio, I take full advantage. CorePower Yoga, a west coast-based studio, recently opened on the Upper West Side, and I barely missed a day during my two-week trial. It is seriously THAT good – and after talking to other students after class, the addiction is rampant!

  1. Their classes actually focus on the important stuff. As their name would suggest, CPY is very focused on the core, and as someone who uses fitness to thrive with scoliosis, I so appreciated this ongoing component in every single class (yes, there was an entire ab section in their hot yoga class!). Even during the quick portions of their classes, the instructors check and ensure students are always in proper form and alignment.
  2. CPY’s classes are varied enough, even if yoga isn’t your “thing.” f you’re reading this and thinking, “but I’m not a ‘yogi'” or perhaps even you don’t do/like yoga, that is totally fine. I actually only went to one true yoga class this entire time (Hot Power Fusion, and it was awesome). All the other days, I took Yoga Sculpt. If you are trying to get longer, leaner, and stronger, this is for you. It starts with some basic yoga flow then adds hand weights, and then comes a full body low-weight/high-rep workout. You will be so grateful for shirvasana (the “am I dead or alive?” section at the end). This is in a heated studio, and you will feel so great sweating out every lil’ toxin in you. Bring a mat-sized towel and a big cold water with you. Shirts are overrated, leave it off for this (something I’ve never done before).
  3. Their employees are eager to help. The in-person staff and the employees manning the phones at their HQ in Colorado were accommodating and kind, and my teachers offered constructive feedback during and after class.

I am so excited to share this opportunity with you all, and am EVEN MORE excited that CPY is going to open late summer/early fall in my lovely home of Williamsburg! *More details to come later – look out for a blog post in the future!*

If you want to try it out at their Upper West Side location, they are now offering post-opening free week trials, which you can sign up for HERE or by calling (917) 636-4440. IMPORTANT: You will have to put down your credit card information. If you are not wanting to become a member (perhaps at a discounted rate), make sure you call and CANCEL your membership before the last day of your trial.

CorePower Yoga Address: 2030 Broadway #202, New York, NY 10023



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