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REVIEW: My free ((305)) Fitness Experiences

As you all saw in my July post, 305 Fitness offered free mock classes with new instructors. I took a class with a new instructor named Ivy – a fellow Floridian!—and I had the most amazing time. Although 305 Fitness is all about dancing, they pride themselves on offering classes that don’t require a dance background, just a desire to have fun. However, I danced for most of my life, so I was ecstatic to be in this class!

For some reason, my class only had two other students in it. At first, I was a little worried, but it ended up being great because there was more space to move and a more intimate one-on-one fitness experience. The class that came in after mine was PACKED, so this seemed like quite the rarity! The room is designed with Miami club vibes, with a mural of a 305 hand sign, and there is a live DJ who also controls the lights. Just like a Miami club, but way cleaner.

Happy post-workout hot mess – with the fantastic instructor, Ivy!

Our instructor was so fun – I strongly recommend a class with her! Her choreography was exhilarating, interesting, yet easy to follow. Although there is a lot of dance, the class starts off with more calisthenic-based movements, like jump squats, high knees, and jumping jacks. There was a break in the middle of class for strengthening with weights, which for us was booty and legs, but the muscle group changes with each class. After that, there was a more intense hip hop choreo section to end the class before cool down. I don’t usually take cardio classes because I get a lot of cardio from my frequent bike rides, so I really enjoyed the change of pace. I couldn’t stop smiling during class I was having such a great time! I may actually purchase a small membership here in the future, as the sales associate at the front desk said they are currently offering a new member special: 10 day unlimited for the price of a single class!

I also attended a second non-traditional and free 305 Fitness class earlier this week, as a part of the Meatpacking District’s Sweat Sessions. If you have not yet heard of Sweat Sessions, I am sorry to have let you down – but there’s one week left for you to go! Every Tuesday, Sweat Sessions features a different fitness studio for an hour long class for each hour: 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm. I went to Tuesday’s 7pm 305 Fitness class. All of the workout classes are outside at Hudson River Park’s 14th Street Park. I guess our music was so fun for those not participating in the class, as little kids in the park stood near the instructors and freestyled and breakdanced! It was the cutest thing!

I love bringing friends with me to experience fun free fitness in New York!

This class was the opposite of my in-studio experience: the entire lawn was PACKED with fellow fitness enthusiasts! There were five 305 Fitness instructors there, but even still, there were so many people, I kept losing the instructors! (This definitely did not get in the way of having fun or dancing my booty off, don’t you worry!) Although Tuesday was incredibly hot, the weather was perfect during sunset for my workout class by the water.


I have included a separate post about Sweat Sessions to make sure all my followers make it out to the final week! Don’t miss out – summer is the best time for free outdoor workouts!



((305)) Fitness Studios:

THE VILLAGE: 18 W. 8th St, NY, NY 10011

MIDTOWN EAST: 33 E. 33rd St, NY, NY 10016

The Sweat Sessions:

14th Street Park – Meatpacking District, NY, NY 10011, between 10th and 11th Avenues


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