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How to Be Broke On Your Birthday!

Happy birthday to YOU! I may be a little late or perhaps a little early, but your birthday is always coming up!

I have good news: I’m not the only one who thinks you deserve celebrating. A bunch of businesses around the city will give you a gift for your birthday – some physical, some experiences, some awesome discounts, all wonderful.

Pro-tip: I am on the listserv for a ton of places, so they know to reach out to me on my birthday. If you’re not yet on the lists for these places, they won’t know to reach out to you. Go give them business now and you’ll be rewarded later, in many ways!


    • Rent the Runway
      • You will receive an email with a $30 off promo code for your birthday if you are a member of RentTheRunwayPRO (for the price of one dress’s shipping and insurance, you can get free shipping and insurance on every rental AND a free birthday outfit for your birthday week. #WORTH. Here is my link to join and get $30 off!). This code does not expire. Lissette and I are both modeling RTR finds – my jumpsuit, her pants (barefoot aesthetic by yours truly).rtr.jpg
    • Mndfl Meditation
      • Call to get in a class (212-477-0487) & show your ID when you get there. Wear clothes you’re comfortable sitting in (ie: don’t wear a short dress, etc., but workout clothes not necessary.) You’ll leave your shoes and personal items (including cell phone!) in the lobby during class. Help yourself to cold water or a great tea selection before class. Read more about my experience below.

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Coming back to work after any break is a challenge. Even when I was in school I found returning to the grind to be a LOT. After my #MDW mini vaca with friends, I squeezed in my first @mndflmeditation class Tuesday AM before work. I love vacations, but I don't necessarily come back feeling "relaxed + refreshed." This is the first time I did, though, and I think I found a new post-holiday ritual. 🙌 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I woke up Tuesday super sleepy and stressed from a delayed train that almost made me miss class 🙃 but once I arrived, I was surprised to be able to shed it all. This was my first group guided meditation experience (outside of shavasana in yoga classes). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🔅 HIGHLIGHT: my instructor, Ashley, sat down with me & debriefed the experience after class for at least 15 minutes. Between this and the shockingly sound-proof walls found in 0 other places in NYC (lol), I really felt like this experience left an impact on me for the rest of my day. This is definitely a PRACTICE, as it was really challenging for me during class, but it should get more normal with consistency. I am happy to answer more questions about my first experience for those considering! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🧐 WHY ON @howtobebrokeinnewyork: this class was free for my birthday! 🎂 You also can find this on @classpass for a really low credit count (and as you know, I have a free 2-wk trial to share!) or you can get your first class for $10. Finally, as NYers we are constantly moving and over-stimulated. Take a break – you deserve it! 😌

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    • Receive email on your birthday for a free class, which expires one week from then. The ride is valid for walk-in only. They say to call before to check the availability. They check ID for proof. Spin shoes complimentary.
    • Receive email on your birthday for a complimentary class, as well as class package discounts. You have one week to use this offer. Call to book  (646) 756-5114 – and know 6:30 and 7:30pm classes are excluded from this offer. Towels included but shoes are not.

    • Chopt, Zaro’s Family Bakery, and Gregory’s coffee.
      • They’ll send you $5 in their app – and, #ProTip, all of them share the same app. Just download one and you can pay using the same app at each place. It’s the same app for CAVA and Dig Inn as well. I pay using my CAVA app!
      • Sends you an email day of your birthday for a complimentary walk-in class, which expires in 30 days. Show the email to the front desk when you come, and bring socks – shoes are complimentary. I’d recommend calling the studio to check how busy a class is before walking in – just in case!
      • I received a free birthday class email 5 days before my birthday and it lasts a month. Show email in studio to get in. Remember: towel and mat cost $2 extra each, so just bring your own! No shoes required.
    • BARRE3
      • If you have an account, you have within your birthday month to use complimentary class. If you have a class package with the studio already, you can gift your free class to a friend! Just have to bring email to front desk (or reply to the email). Receive email within couple of weeks of the birthday. Bring your own water bottle, as there’s no plastic here – gotta love a GREEN studio!! Grip socks or barefoot fine, and they have hand towels there. Get ready for a super sweaty barre class with a beautiful view of our favorite city!barre3.jpg
    • Fresh
      • If you aren’t yet obsessed with their rose petal face mask or their soy cleanser, go check these out right now! I am on the email list for Fresh, and the month of my birthday, I received an email to stop by their store for a free gift. I went 3 weeks after my birthday and they gave me THIS! How cute?! I received a sugar face scrub and another soy facial cleanser.fresh.jpg
    • Sephora and Ulta
      • Wups, sorry for grouping you two together! Join their rewards/insider program for each store. They both give you amazing beauty gifts for your birthday! I haven’t been to Ulta for my birthday yet this year, but I just went to Sephora with multiple options for my gift. I went with the lip kit – a lipstick, a lip tint, and multiple lip scrubs. The colors are beautiful! I’ll let you know if I get to Ulta this year, but last year, they gave me an amazing eyeshadow palette. These two places are pretty flexible about when you come in, but don’t wait more than 6 months, k?


I hope this post encourages you to support some of the great businesses in our city! Join their mailing lists, go to classes, check out their sales, and get pampered on your birthday. You deserve it!

I ask that if you go to any of these places, please let them know how you found out about their birthday special – just mention my name or @howtobebrokeinnewyork!

Am I missing your favorite store or studio, or have you had any fun birthday experiences at any of these places? Let me know in the comments below!



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